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New Release by ISOLDE // Out in 2020


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'Seed Bud Bloom' EP



(From 'Seed Bud Bloom' EP, filmed at 3 Cliffs Bay, Wales, by Adam Shuldman)
As You Are
(Vessels collaboration, from the album 'Dilate')




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'Beautiful' - Oliver Wilde
'Luscious, real world folktronica.. on a rowboat in a slightly misty lake' - The 405

'Glacial Vocals' - The Skinny

'A musical oasis' - Glastonbury Festival Press

'Isolde can write a song about anything'

- BBC Introducing

'Out-of-this-World' - Stephen Fry's Mum

Isolde Freeth-Hale is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, choral director and teacher based in Bristol, UK. She produces songs that fuse neo-soul, electronica & experimental pop, and curates vocal projects that push the creative boundaries of contemporary vocal music.


Born into a family of visual artists, Isolde’s experience of sound has always been a synesthetic impression of the world around her. Drawing upon a love of nature, and an early initiation into choral music, Isolde blends field recordings with vocal soundscapes, and translates an ancient expression of what it is to be human into a contemporary, art-pop aesthetic. With a Bjork-like desire to facilitate union between the organic and the man-made, Isolde explores the anatomy of acoustic sound with inquisitive music production, often under-pinned by the beats and bass of her urban London up-bringing.  


Following an eclectic combination of classical training, and exposure to electronic dance music from her DJ father, Isolde went on to study Music and inter-disciplinary Arts in Leeds. Gathering experience in a diverse range of music traditions, including Jazz, Georgian and Indian Classical, and collaborating with various artists from Leeds Music Scene, including producer Lee J. Malcolm (Jinjé, Vessels), she then moved to Bristol, where she established herself as a solo-artist. Isolde released her debut EP, ‘Seed Bud Bloom’, with enthusiastic support from BBC Introducing, and toured this successfully in the UK with a live-looping set-up, playing shows at Glastonbury Festival, Latitude and London’s Southbank Centre. 


At the heart of Isolde’s work, runs a life-long love affair with vocal music, and the act of voices joining in synthesis. As well as orientating a musical home to return to, a large part of her career has been carved out of directing, composing and arranging for vocal projects, including Eko Trio, Bath Theatre Royal Choir, and Rising Voices Recovery Choir. Following a desire to explore the potential of this further in her own work, Isolde went on to found Murmuration Choir, a 70-voiced contemporary choral project based in Bristol. Receiving praise on her arrangements from artists covered, including Lamb, Soloman Grey and Pete Josef, and collaborating live with Cosmo Sheldrake, Mesadorm and Rachael Dadd, the project gathered a small cult following, and played to sell-out venues, including Bristol’s Trinity Centre. 


Around the same time, Isolde began the Popular Music MA programme at Goldsmiths University, where she finished tracks for her 2nd up-and-coming EP, ‘Elements’, and won the Sarah Cople Award to fund an artist residency, developing ideas for her debut album, at the Arteles Centre (Finland). Added to mix of her most recent work, and movement into sound design, Isolde was commissioned by Dr. Glowacki (Bristol University, ArtSci) during lockdown, to compose a choral underscore for a virtual reality, meditation project called ‘Isness’. This was premiered at Burning Man Festival (online) in early September, with warm reception, and encouragement to release the 30 minute piece as an album. 




If you'd like updates about my work, journey & inspiration, or if you're interested in booking me for a lesson or gig, please send an email, join the mailing list, and/or follow me @isoldemusic via the links below.

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